May Death Cafe

This month's Death Cafe was held on May 17th with around 8 attendees from all over the United States. A lot of good conversation was had this month!

Funeral traditions were discussed and a members talked about why we still carry on with old traditions in funerals if they have no personal meaning. What are the individual's own wishes as apposed to what the traditions are was a great topic of discussion! Members asked what options they have if they want to have a non-traditionsl funeral and members mentioned starting a google doc of wants for a funeral. 

Members also thought about how to honor their special person on aniversarys and other special days. Members brough up the idea of all of them sharing a google doc with ideas of what you could do to commomorate those special days. 

This month's Death Cafe had great conversations and connections. We can't wait for June Death Cafe! 

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