When life gives you a lemon...?

When life gives you a lemon...you squeeze every last drop and make the best darn lemonade you can! The same can be said of life and living before we die...

After an unexpected, last minute, change of venue due to miscommunication, the group discussion did what it always does, it took on a life of its own...pun intended!

Unfinished business, afterlife/afterdeath, sudden death, childhood death, and inspiration to live now were all subjects shared with the 14 particpants who came along today.

We ended up in a very noisy cafe so speaking was a challenge but it didn't stop people from feeling connected or from sharing their stories, experiences and fears about death and dying. Some of the people were quiet yet still benefitted from listening and feeling that they were in safe hands.

The stigma of talking about death disappears when people come together in this way and for this sole purpose. 

And for all of the above, I am extremely grateful and ever inspired to continue to facilitate conversations about death and dying...at least until I die anyway!

Ava Reyerson

Passionate Life Consulting

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