Death Cafe Manila - November 2021

We had a small group today but it proved to be a great session. After our initial introductions and reviewing of death cafe guidelines, the participants talked about why we were there and our relationship with death. We started out by bringing up society's relationship with death and how it's hard to talk about. 

We talked about death and what thoughts and emotions come up for us when we hear the word death. We briefly touched upon whether or not we have thoughts on the after life. Some had thoughts that there is not life after death whereas others thought the question of an afterlife wasn't really anything We also discussed how deaths of family and friends in our lives have affected us and our relationship with death.

We also discussed how death and our relationship with death has affected how we live or are living and what has changed over time. Finally we discussed some thoughts on what ways we would like our bodies to be dealt with after death and whether we want it to be more traditional methods of cremation or burial or more of the "new" burial methods. We also discussed about our indigenous heritage and how death and burying practices were different. 


All in all a very productive death cafe and we hope to be able to do more in the future!


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