May Death Cafe

For our May Death Café Iowa we met via Zoom. Buffy Peters from the Bereavement Professionals Group facilitated the group. There were three individuals who attended the Death Café this month which made for a small and intimate group. 

The topic of one’s awareness around death was brought up. Pre-planning and the act of smart funeral planning is important for family members. Death Doolas can be part of the pre-planning for death. Some individuals do not want family members to be around them if they are sick and dying, which is where a Death Doula would step in and be that support system for the individual. 


The topic of loss as a whole and then under certain circumstances was brought up. When someone dies the living individuals just want their special person back, but we can’t give them that so we need to give them room to grieve. That grieving process can be impacted by world events that are taking place such as COVID-19, Derecho (local Iowa event), and civil unrest. 


This Death Café was full of great conversation! We look forward to the Death Café in June!

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