April Death Cafe

For our April Death Café Iowa we met via Zoom. Buffy Peters from the Bereavement Professionals Group facilitated the group. There were 7 individuals who attended the Death Café this month.

The first topic we came across was the idea of do I really know what I want towards my own death? A participant had shared that they had a near death experience that made them question if they really wanted what they had planned for their end-of-life care. This individual had asked for a Do Not Resuscitate order (DNR), but when the time came, was asking themselves if that’s what they really wanted. The conversation turned to how we perceive the end-of-life processes through what the media portrays, especially since we do not know exactly how it goes until we are there.

The last topic that came up was Death Doulas. Death Doulas are those who help with all sorts of things before, during, and after the processes of dying. It is kind of like a midwife, but for the end of life. There are also Birth Doulas as well. One participant mentioned how they help those who are dead cross over. They mention that death is a transition from this body into another realm.

We can’t wait for the next Death Café in May!

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