Write up for Online Death Cafe Liverpool (May 2020)

 Online Death Cafe

  Evaluation Summary


Evaluations:  4 submitted

 Attendees:  1 facilitator, 7 attendees


I am late writing up our May Death Cafe, and in the interim we have had one for June!


This was our fifth Death Cafe (our second time doing it online using Zoom). There was a drop in numbers again compared to our last online event which feels more due to the increased frequency and so there has been less time for me to advertise it. We stayed in one group for this one and kept the same format as last time, having a break part way through.



Thank you to those who completed the evaluation form (full details below) it came across overall as positive, and great to hear the impact of individuals experiences on the group, as well as how interesting people found it and that for new comers who’ve not been to a Death Cafe before, it was a welcoming experience.


As always I really welcome further discussion on any or all of this, so if you have something you’d like to add or talk about, then please get in touch: jamie@jamiefearn.co.uk


The full feedback from the evaluation forms is as follows:


1.      Overall, how would you rate this event? 5 = excellent, 1 = poor:


·         3 rated it as 5


·         1 rated it as 4




·         Good to have a space to talk about death


·         Really nice group of people from different backgrounds open to discussing thoughts and ideas. I absolutely loved Kris' sharing of his experience with his father's euthanasia - I am more determined to help get the law changed over here now.


·         My first experience of a Death Cafe and it was welcoming, a safe space and comfortable.


 2.      Would you say that attending this event affected your feelings about death and / or life?


·         1 said yes


·         3 said no


If Yes, please attempt to say how:


·         It didn't affect my feelings about death but it was interesting to hear opinions and perspectives of others about life and death.


·         Its helped to make me more determined to get my affairs in order.


3.      How comfortable did you feel during the Death Cafe? 5 = very comfortable, 1 = very uncomfortable.


·         4 rated it as 5


Is there anything you can think of that would have made you feel more comfortable?


·         cake :)


4.      How well did the structure of the discussion at the Death Cafe work? 5 = very well 1 = not very well at all.


·         3 rated it as 5


·         1 rated it as 4


Suggestions for improvement:


·         I like hearing different perspectives and meeting new people - perhaps if a record could be kept of who is in each group each time so you are placed with different people next time.


5.      Overall, how would rate you the facilitation of the event? 5 = excellent, 1 = poor


·         4 rated it as 5


Any suggestions for improvement:


·         Ensuring everyone can hear comments/announcements


·         No.


I have taken the cake question out while this is online!


6.      Please choose 3 words which best describe your experience of Death Cafe:


·         open, meaningful, friendly


·         Life Feeling Emotion


·         Easy to talk.


7.      If someone told you they were thinking of attending a Death Cafe what would you say to them?


·         Go, and bring someone.


·         What's that? Sounds amazing!


·         Do it and enjoy it


·         Go for it! It’s interesting, it isn’t at all morbid, meeting new people who have different ideas and experiences is great and as there is no agenda it’s very freestyle, with Jamie there to help out when needed...


8.      Do you have any other comments or things you think we should hear?


No comments made for this.



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