Small Group, Great Conversation

After the last session I reflected I'm always afraid at some point I will be become bored of the topics or the conversation will be stale. This month it was the fear that a small group will run out of things to share. 

Last night I was joined by three others, considerably smaller than recent Cafes. Again, my fear turned out to be  unfounded, but combined with technology challenges it was a distracting way to start the session. Despite our small numbers, we still managed to talk for the entire time and in some ways this possibly increased the intimacy of the conversation. 

I love that virtual events can bring people from far and wide. A non-local last night was no exception and contributed a perspective that was welcomed by our regulars. One topic of interest was interfaith perspectives on dying and bereavement. 

There's so much to unpack with the topic. I look forward to next month. 

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