Reflecting on the Virtual Exp

Hosting virtual Death Cafes has been an interesting experience. I can say that 5 years of hosting them in-person has provided a good foundation for the transition, but there are little quirks in reading the other attendees body language, turn taking, and allowing thoughtful pauses that makes it difficult. 

I have already read several articles about the phenomena. At least one published by the End of Life Studies Group seemed mildly antagonistic to the concept. My personal preference is and hopefully will always be face-to-face encounters, but I can see an argument, regarding both safety and access, to continue to offer virtual opportunities to keep Death Cafes open and accessible.


Regarding the topics covered, I would say that the looming awareness of death due to COVID-19 and the attendant issues it has wrought on mourning and bereavement have been front and center, but largely these conversations have provided a backdrop to open up to the deeper themes of what meaning death serves and how do we prepare ourselves/loved ones for the inevitability. I’m realizing that I have been lacked in submitting reflections after sessions, I will try harder.


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