W10 Death Cafe

A write up of Death Cafe W10

By W10 Death Cafe

The event took place on Feb.17th: our new venue has proved good, though we were just about full to capacity with 20 guests.  Janine, Toby and Francis helped facilitate and the feedback was very positive.  The only thing that was rated less than OK was the publicity:  anybody with art skills, good ideas or a bit of time would be welcome to help us with this!

One factor that seems to arise is that people may be expecting the tea and cakes to be free as well as the event.  Unfortunately, we cannot stretch to this.  The venue charges us and we've now received a grant to cover this fee, but we will have to continue to ask you to buy your own refreshments there to make it worthwhile for them to host us.  They are very nice cakes, if that's any consolation!



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