Death Cafe Kingston 11th November

Particularly poignant as the group met on Remembrance Day! We were a group of 10 from different back grounds and life experiences.

Topics discussed included debate over the value of social media platforms to announce death or pay tribute to those who have died. We discussed why people find it hard to share thoughts about death and the taboo nature of dying and illness.
We noted how important it is to speak with children honestly about death and bereavement and the support groups available for this.

We also spoke about the cost of funerals and funeral insurance policy. For those without one, there is a risk that family members will have to pick up the cost of the funeral, in addition to planning it.
But who is the funeral for – the individual who has died, or those who come to say goodbye?
“Your funeral is for the people who love you, not you,” voiced one participant.
“Yes, but it is about you,” added another ,“You should have conversations with your children about what you’d like. Too many people don’t and then the children argue about what they think their parent would have liked.”
“I’m going to have a cardboard coffin,” offered another, “Then everybody can draw on it or write a message.” 
Just a snapshot of some of the many thoughts and contributions from participants.
Again a very respectful and interesting discussion that was "enjoyed" by all attending.
For the next three dates we will be holding Death Cafe Kingston in the local Hook Community Centre Cafe. I think this will be less formal than the very regal Guildhall and look forward to a more relaxed and open setting.

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