Death Cafe - Fremantle, WA is growing!!!

I am so pleased that the number of participants is finally getting up there! The last two Death Cafe's here in Fremantle had 14 and 12 participants! This is in part due to the recent media coverage by ABC News and word getting out via word of mouth.

I believe that although the experiences/fears/stories are always unique to the person sharing, there is a common conversation that emerges. 

We all get intimate with each other very quickly when having a conversation that is as deeply felt as that of the death of a loved one, imagined or lived. 

Most of the people that come are middle-aged women, but this time we had a couple of younger women and one man, each telling stories of death and dying that were an expression of a life lived fully. 

I am ever so grateful to be able to facilitate these group discussions. I walk away each time feeling more connected to my fellow humans, and I know I'm not alone in this feeling!


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