Eighth Death Cafe Verona

"All love leads to loss. If we commit ourselves to another person, form an attachment, we will surely have to relinquish that attachment. It may be through death or some other form of separation. Either they leave or you do. That is not the issue, however. What is important is that some time in our life we must face and deal with loss and separation. For some, it may happen in later life, for others it may occur earlier and more frequently. Frequency, however, doesn't make it any easier. When separation occurs, we will grieve, we will suffer. No one is immune. It's the price we pay for commitment." - Catherine Sanders

There were five participants at the eighth Death Cafe here in Verona which was held at Elisabetta’s house.

The conversation this time developed around the concept of loss in its various forms: loss as a result of death, separation or the death of a pet or the loss of a job, a particular friendship or of a family tie. For some people, the pain of loss can be so strong that it leads them to let themselves be overcome by depression or want to end their lives.


We shared our own various ways of getting over loss and finding a new meaning to life. This could be by finding a new romance or a new relationship, by helping others in a similar situation or by starting an initiative aimed at personal development and growth.

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