Death Cafe Whangarei No#8

We gathered at the airport cafe, The Apron, for what was another thought provoking and stimulating conversation amongst 27 of us. It was a surprising turnout given the weather. We split into two groups and after a round of introductions the conversations ranged from end of life choices, what makes a good death, sharing of personal experiences and stories, near death experiences, body and organ donation and the practicalities around death and dying. 

To close we invited everyone to sum up in 3 or 4 words how they were feeling and it was clear everyone was energised and not quite ready to finish the conversation.

With such a large group it took a while for everyone to get settled with food and drinks and therefore we didn’t have a full 2 hours. Something to consider for next time is to ask people to come early to order before we get underway.

The evaluation forms revealed there were a number of people seeking specific information around the practicalities around death and dying and some who would have liked to delve deeper on some topics and have more structure and all got something out of attending and would encourage others to come along.


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