Writeup for Chambana Death Cafe June 28, 2019

We met at the library. Our group was small but we had three new people who had never been to a death cafe and who were worried about what it might be like.

The conversation became lively at points and one person said she shared things with our small group that she had never shared with others. 

Topics included how children are not always allowed to be at funerals or, conversely, how they are forced to be at them. Both had their downsides per those who experienced these situations. 

People talked about cremation and the original purpose behind it and, another, on the actual practice of it. 

End of life paperwork was briefly discussed. Two participants were surprised that the rules on home funerals in Indiana are different than the ones in Illinois. 

One man seems to have sought us out as part of his spiritual journey. He and his friend were recommended to us by a local pastor of a church. 

We had cake. It was a good meeting. 

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