wasn't an actual cafe but still thought I would write about it.

I had actually attempted to delete this particular cafe but the owner of the shop still wanted me to hold something so i did not advertise it as a death cafe. She wanted me to specifaclly talk about paganism and death specifaclly and you guys say no on having a structure topic. I dont know if it was the air but people some people did not understand the idea of a general discussion. They thought they were coming to a grief group and I even had a guy get over emotional and hostile (almost had to ask him to leave the shop). We talked about what people blieved in general, Some how the topic of how vulture like the industry sales people can be came up. I re directed that real quick. I felt like all the people who had lost someone really felt scammed and my gathering was an attempt to be vent about it. I had to explain several times that this forum was not what it was met to be used for. I finally was able to redirect them to a few other topics. Like spiritual beliefes and how they affect our decisions when it comes to death. this was great because this was where everyone had such supportive and positive feed back for each other and after that every other topic that came up was great. Another topic  that came was different ways to grieve. People gave eachother different suggestions on how they choose to deal with the loss of a loved one and the last topic that came up was Reiki and death. I really enjoyed doing this one in the end but almost didnt.

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