Carmel Death Cafe June 9,2019

A write up of Carmel Death Cafe

By evoci

Ten people met for the Cafe on a rainy Sunday afternoon but our spirits were happy and the conversation was lively, and respectful.  We discussed Near Death experiences, funerals vs celebrations of life, and the changing legal landscape of physician assisted end of life care.  

Comments from writen evaluations include:  Three words the describe my experience:  "enlightening; a sense of community; and heartful sharing. The event went beyond my expectations."

Other comments: "I had a strong sense of community; it was thought provoking and grounding.  Thank you!"

"I want to prepare a to do list in more details so I can be ready as I age and die.  This group is very supportive and I feel gratitude."

"Tis group is comforting and always, always supportive and interesting to attend. Thank you!"

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