Death Cafe Whangarei no#7

Our meeting in March was our 7th death cafe meeting. There were 14 of us in total, 9 first time attendees. 

Our conversation started with introductions and sharing about what brought us to this meeting. From the new people it was about having an interest to attend and to experience and find out what happens at a death cafe.

Others who have attended before talked about how our conversations always left them feeling enlivened.

We discussed the experience of being completely undone and put back together in a new way, being completley changed on a cellular level by the deaths of close loved ones. Interest was shown in this topic and we discussed this further. Our conversation ranged from what to say to somone who is grieivng, how not having our pain and grief acknowledged effects us, letting fear get in the way, thinking about and putting plans in place for our own death, what to do when someone dies, who do you ring, the right to end our life when we choose and and the different choices people make, whats right for one is not necessarily right for another. 

It was another honest, connected and  enlivening conversation held at the Totara Cafe, unfortunately the rain did force us inside where it then became difficult to hear everyone well. Cafe's are noisey places and we are looking at other options for our next meeting, yet to be scheduled. 

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