Summary for 02/13/2019: DC-Hillsborough NC

Greetings, Death Positive People!
This Death Café – Hillsborough (DC-H) 2/13 summary was a bit delayed due to the need for finding another meeting location. Pueblo Viejo, where we’ve been gathering since October, is having to relocate (they weren’t given much notice and thus neither was I). Besides there not being a guarantee they’ll be re-opened across the street by mid-March, I am not convinced the new dining area will suit our needs. When they are open again, I will go by to survey. In the meantime, I have searched, called, visited, and checked websites for nearly a dozen options.
{For those of you curious about places I’ve checked in Hillsborough the last few weeks: Hillsborough BBQ (no reservations, plus it’s loud); House at Gatewood (additional cost on top of food purchases); Passmore Center (cost); library (free but booked for several dates including different evenings of week); Weaver St. Market (dining area not available for reservation); the Inn at Teardrops (not large enough for over 10 people); Ixtapa (indoors is too small to accommodate); Bandido’s (food/drink minimum that is too high); Matthew’s Chocolates (too small in case more than 10 people); and the Wooden Nickel (no reservations, plus it’s too loud and crowded). The CLOSEST I got to securing a place for March was Radius’ Fireside room -- I even started to get excited about it. But they too have a minimum purchase that I am not comfortable guaranteeing (though it’s reasonable), and the contact person wanted the number of people attending each time. What I can provide is an attendee number range but she wasn’t keen on that “unknown.” Oh, and their second Wednesdays are fully booked anyway … I even considered changing DC-H to Mondays.}
So! DEATH CAFÉ – HILLSBOROUGH is **skipping the month of March**. I apologize it couldn’t happen; I am bummed. Maybe Pueblo Viejo will still work for us or, if not, another wonderfully perfect place will come along. There are more options I’ll look into. You will be kept updated. Thanks to those of you who inquired!
 Brief Summary and Links from the February 13th Death Café – Hillsborough (DC-H):
*We reviewed some news about Death With Dignity’s ( “Focus States” in 2019 legislature sessions. Additionally, they are lending their expertise to NC’s grassroots organization, Dying Right North Carolina ( ), supplying feedback on a draft bill and advising on strategy. *Since there were two new folks joining us

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