Death Cafe Whangarei no#6


The Totara Cafe was once again our venue and despite the weather we were able to occupy the big round outdoor table up until the last 30 mins when we did have to retreat indoors. 


We were a group of eleven of which six were attending for the first time.


As always after an introductory round the conversation gains a life of its own and we discussed suicide with some people having direct experience of the death of a loved one by suicide, how we feel about there being no funeral which is becoming more common and this led into what IS a funeral and do we think a funeral has to look a certain way.


It’s inspiring the way strangers come together and generate such an interesting conversation by sharing their own experiences thoughts and feelings on the topics that arise, and the obvious enjoyment of the opportunity to speak about death. I find this very reassuring.


The feedback is always positive with people enjoying the connection, support and safe space.


Our next death café will be in March, I look forward to it.


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