Death Cafe

A write up of Albany Death Cafe

By fogliol


Death Café


          This will be for anyone who is interested in talking about death and dying.  This will be an open ended discussion for individuals who want to share their opinions, experiences and any other feelings that they may have towards death.


          My intention for this is to help bring awareness to death and dying for many people.  There are many people who have misconceptions about death and dying and many fears associated with death and dying.


          My expectation for this is for people to be able to get together without any fear of retribution, judgement or criticism.     


          Death cafes’ are NOT

                   A bereavement or grief support group 

                   A group where information regarding death can be given out 

                   Is not used for research or consultation 

                   Affiliated with any religious group or organization 


          If you are interested in attending this group discussion, please contact me and let me know.

Space is limited to 15-18 people 

Albany Medical Center Hospital 

43 New Scotland Ave 

Albany NY  12208 



Cost:  Free



thank you

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