Roxburgh Death Cafe

A write up of Roxburgh Death Cafe

By Franst

Roxburgh is a small rural community which has a good community spirit.

I have had 20+ years of contact with the town and have worked there full time for 4 years. I live 50km away in a larger town.

I had 10 local ladies of varying ages turn up, so with me and my support person that makes a round dozen.

They were a quiet group to start with but a wide range of issues were shared from dying alone to living on in the afterlife. 

Everyone shared somthing with the group and saw the relivance of the topic. They did ask where all the men were.

I will hold another in the community to follow-up and will review the need in the community after this.

There is a possibility that I will take Death Cafe to my home community next.

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