Golden Feather Death Cafe' 2018

A small group attended the gathering this year. It was a very intimate setting, and we were able to explore issues together.  We had a bouquet of marigolds for our centerpiece.  This is the birth flower of October, and is prominent in Mexican festivities celebrating Dia de los Merton.  We had small apple pies i made in my new skull shaped "cakelette" pan. I shared this passage and it was well received.  We discussed this writing and parts of it resonated with us.   "Death is like taking off a tight shoe"

Even when you are dead,
you are still alive.
You do not cease to exist at death.
That is only illusion.
You go through the doorway of death alive
and there is no altering of the consciousness.
It is not a strange land you go to
but a land of living reality
were the growth process is a continuation.

Life and death
should not be considered as opposites.
It is closer to the truth
to speak of dying as an entrance
rather than an exit.

If death could be seen
as a beautiful clear lake,
refreshing and bouyant,
then when a consciousness
moves towards its exit from a body,
there would be that delightful plunge
and it would simply swim away.

Dying is self-regulating.
It is of Divine origin.
It is absolutely safe.
The fear of death
is the fear of letting go.
As it is in life,
so it is in death.
The process of dying
is always a joyous one
once the human fear has been overcome.
When fear is laid aside,
death becomes a most exciting adventure.
There is nothing to fear in the universe.

"What does it actually                                    feel like while we are dying?"
"Dying is akin to having                                been in a rather stuffy room
where too many people                                   are talking and smoking
and suddenly you see a door                         that allows you to exit
into fresh air and sunlight.
Truly it is much like that."


--Emmanuel, from "Emmanuel's Book"                              by Pat Rodegast

This was the second annual Death Cafe that I have hosted and I hope to have one in 2019 as well.

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