Laughter and Sharing at the Virden Death Cafe

A write up of Virden Death Cafe

By chriscross

We had an evening of firsts!  First time hosting and the first time such an event has happened in our small prairie town.  We had a lovely Death Cafe with 20 participants.  The Gopher Creek Coffee Company supplied the space, beverages and cake.  The venue was excellent and just the right size for this group although others were interested space was limited.  The evening was described as "relaxing",  "fulfilling" , and "interesting".  Everyone in attendance left saying that they want to come to another death cafe again!  The small groups of 4 touched on many topics but the large group discussion used to wrap up the session was particularly popular.  We will definitely be hosting more cafes and the event could be summed up as a fabulous exchange of wisdom and information.

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