June 2018 Death Cafe Iowa

We were a small group in June – largely due to the BEAUTIFUL weather we had that day—so there were just 4 of us.  We talked about:


·         “We Croak” app that send 6 random reminders throughout the day that you are going to die, along with a quote about death/living fully

·         That cremating and wearing jewelry in memory of a pet seems to be more acceptable that for the death of a person

·         Physician assisted suicide vs. death with dignity: the difference and importance of language

·         “Degrees” of suicide causes: mental illness, physical illness, doctor assisted, revenge, self-preservation

·         Suicide attempts at the border (separation of families)

·         The need in the future (present?) for a “Digital Death Manager”, who cleans up your online/digital presence after death

·         Turning cremated remains into bricks, and using those bricks as cheap materials for low-income folks to build homes, or to build memorial walls/buildings

·         Ideas to better use cemetery space

·         Old Settler’s Cemeteries & the significance of wind chimes on graves

·         Kind gifts to give grieving friends

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