Write up Chambana Death Cafe May 22, 2018

There were seven of us who gathered around a table at a new venue, the library in Champaign IL.

We had one new attendee from the University of IL and she is from the archaeolgy department. 

Conversation drfited from the finding of skeletons during construction projects to people discussing green burial and how they are not sure that cremation is good for the environment. 

This led to discussion of body farms and places where there is no soil to dig in or the water table is high which led to talk of above groun interment and reuse of mausoleums and other concrete structures.

People discussed their views on grief as well.

The conversation was in earnest and pleasant. The cake was an orange pop cake and well liked. The venue was huge. We appreciated the new policy of the library to allow non-profits to use space monthly at no cost.

I proposed an outdoor setting for the next death cafe and it will probably be at Westside Park in Champaign, IL near the Praying for Rain Native American statue.

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