What we leave behind

A write up of Totnes Death Cafe

By Dotalina

The conversation in our recent Death Cafe touched on subjects we hadn't visited before. For instance, objects: those things we leave behind us, or things we are left by those who have died. What do we do with them? How do we start the process of clearing 'stuff' we don't want to burden our nearest and dearest with? And private things, such as letters - precious to us now, but perhaps distressing to others when we are not there to put them in context. Our digital legacy: what will happen to our Facebook and other social media accounts? All interesting questions, which led to the concept of 'making a good death' by not having anything left over that you should have taken care of. Easier said than done!



"stuff" Incredibly good topic! This is all I think about lately. In one of the Scandinavian countries (Denmark?) people do something they call "Death Cleaning", to spare their family and friends the burden of disposing of the "stuff" we accumulate that is not specifically willed to someone; it is thought the considerate thing to do. I find I need help doing it; it is not easy for me.

Posted by Maggie

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