April 2018 Casper Death Cafe

A write up of Casper Death Cafe

By Kilty B

We approximate 24 people attended from the Casper.  In general, feedback from attendees and the community was positive.  A number of Casper residents later expressed the wish to attend another Cafe.  The local paper featured a great article and pictures. 

One of the positives noted were the diversity of ages and experiences of the attendees.  It was a surpise to see people from opposite ends of the age spectrum, but it allowed for great interaction.  (I personally enjoyed that the event was kid and baby friendly--seemingly to emphasize that death is part of the entire life continuum.)

Also,we found the salon format to be highly successful for this group.  The attendees split into groups of 4-6 for 20 minutes.  They, then, mixed into different groups for the next 20 minutes.  There was deeper discussion the second time around, as everyone had more time to process their thoughts after talking it out with others first.

We learned a couple of organizational lessons from this first cafe.  For example, we should have one "point person" at the door to welcome everyone and point out refreshements.  We would also like to have a more formalized check in sheet.

Overall, the event was such a sucess that we hope to have quarterly Death Cafe meetings in Casper.

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