May 2018 Death Cafe

It will come as no surprise that our 2018 May Death Café was another wonderful event!  We had 11 people participating, including three first-timers.  Our topics this month included:

Being the person to ask “How was the funeral?”

Diane’s “Dead Spread” Pinterest board

Creating a “Death Box”, which includes things like pictures you would like used at your funeral, your obituary, list of favorite things, list of things NOT wanted, who to notify (and not notify) when you die

Several people in the group have read and recommended Being Mortal, which also has a documentary by the same name.

TED talks about obituaries

Running out of cemetery space and the rise of cremation

Dildo cremation urn

“Community Circle” in Colorado aimed at helping people have home funerals

Different burial laws in Colorado

What burned flesh smells like, and how happy we are that smells are not conveyed through videos

The death of old friends, and how new friends react

At Peace: After a Long Life, a Good Death, which describes what death by different diseases looks like

What do you want at the end of life?  What are you willing to sacrifice for it?

Underground “sky rises” in Norway, where burial plots are quickly turned over

How do cemeteries deal with disturbed graves?

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