Reluctant Death Cafe

Hi, everyone.  Our last Death Cafe was wonderful.  We even had a couple who didn't plan to attend but joined us anyway.  The man remainded standing the whole time because he "wasn't really interested in the topic" but he ended up talking the most :)

Death talk happens, whether you accept it or not!

Have you seen "Time of Death" - the new Showtime documentary?  The first one is free.  I've heard it's really good and talks about natural death care.

What happens with your stuff when you die?  Your facebook page is still active, you know.

What do we want to pass down when we die?  Is it stuff or is it wisdom?  How strong is our sense of connection?  Of ancestry?  Of culture?  What are your family's traditions?  How does your nuclear family differ from your grandparents?  What are our family stories?

As humans we are constantly trying to create meaning.  It's all about caring... is a website that does your DNA analysis and gives you your ethnic background.  Now that's a way to explore connection!

Join us next time. You won't regret it - and we will save a seat for you!


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