Death Cafe Albany, March 2018

A write up of Death Cafe Albany

By Melissa White

About 50 people convened for Death Cafe Albany.  The strong turnout was helped by the good weather and the superb location: the historic Albany Rural Cemetery Chapel.  The event was widely shared on social media, thanks to the cemetery's consultant historian Paula Lemire and an article about it in the local blog, All Over Albany.

We started by asking each person to think of a word about a topic they would like to hear about at Death Cafe that day.  We wrote the words on the posterboard, and then organized the crowd into three conversation groups based on interests.  (If we did it again, we'd also use the adjacent room, and break them into smaller groups.)

For the next 40 minutes or so we openly talked in groups about "remains," "afterlife/ritual," and "history/curiousity." 

After this time we reconvened briefly for some reports from each group, announcements, and ended the formal part of the meeting, allowing folks to network and chat a bit longer.  

There was much cookie eating and tea drinking.

Several of us took the opportunity after the meeting to walk around the beautiful historic cemetery.



Sounds lovely. It was a very busy weekend. Otherwise I'd have come myself.

Posted by Roger Green

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