Write Up for Chambana Death Cafe December 16, 2017

We met at Unity Church and Spiritual Center in Urbana, IL. There were six of us. I speculate that attendance was low due to the holidays. One person came and then left because he felt ill.


Coffee and cookies were served. One of the attendees brought home made cookies. They were very tasty.


We had an interesting conversation covering old and fertile ground including types of burials and customs surrounding some of them. Also, this being the time of year when focus wanders to death of family members and friends, people talked about that as well. 

The most interesting part of this death cafe is that one of the participants asked if anyone else had the experience of "being dead to" a family member. That generated a huge response. Apparently it is quite common.


No evals were requested by myself or my co-faciliator. We had blank papers for anyone who might wish to leave a comment of any sort. One was left and it said "thank you."


Everyone was comfortable with  photos being taken. We, however, did not get any good ones so I cannot post one today.

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