Death Cafe #2 was a hit!

A write up of Death Cafe Atlanta

By Lisa Oliver

Admittedly, I wasn't too excited about holding the Death Cafe on this day. For one, it was raining and in Atlanta Georgia, any inclement weather is a reason for people to NOT show up. 

Six (6!) people showed up! One person even took the bus to attend. The group brought diverse perspectives to the discussion.

One factor I need to get a better handle on is people going off topic and holding the group hostage with their stories. I want to be polite and I feel that the individual must NEED to get it off his or her chest, but can take the joy out of the death cafe.

Ahhh, the cake.  This one is literally homemade from scratch by my hubby.  Not the best looking cake, but it was made with love and it looks far better than the one I paid a bakery for :-).

Till next month....Lisa

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