Stroud death cafe

A write up of Stroud Death Cafe

By pam

The first Stroud cafe on 15 November was very heavily over-subscribed, with over 50 people wanting to come, and this was following word-of-mouth and website publicity only!!  Stroud is that kind of town!  The evening was very successfuI, I decided to split the numbers and hold 2cafes on different dates, 25 in each. We started with a round of names and why we had come and then split into four groups for an hour.  We came back into the larger group for the final half hour,to decide on future meetings.  All expressed an interest in meeting again, in January, where we will split into groups of specific interest and a group who want to keep talking without a specific theme.  I really enjoyed facilitating the evening, and will be doing it again with the second wave of people, in December.  Not sure how we will deal with any more interest!!


Pam- really inspiring to hear of the interest you received. Thanks for the chat this am - will keep u posted on how our first cafe in Colne goes this evening

Posted by Sally Penn

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