Great feedback on Nov.21st Death Cafe in Saskatoon!

A write up of Death Cafe Saskatoon

By Saskatoon

As usual, last week's Death Cafe in Saskatoon was fantastic!


But don’t take my word for it. When asked to choose three words that best describe their experience at Death Café Saskatoon, here are the words people chose: connection, meaningful, community-building, welcoming, lively, freeing, honest, open, safe, comfortable, fascinating, informative, riveting, perspective-challenging, cathartic, enlightening, enriching, genuine, kind, practical, bonding, engaging, healing, compassion, emotional, warm, loving, reassuring, heart-opening, unifying, illuminating, thought-provoking, inspiring, interesting, friendly, refreshing, real, needed, eye-opening, important and FUN!


There were approximately 55 people in attendance, ranging in age from about 20 to 85. With such a large number, participants were seated at tables in groups of 4-6 to make it more conducive to good conversation. As per Death Café guidelines, conversations are not guided in any way.


We always close the evening with a representative from each table sharing with the larger group what the highlights or main take-aways points were from their table. That's when we learn the real diversity in topics (anything from personal experience with death of loved ones, personal attitudes/fears/hopes about own death, advanced health care directives, death & spirituality, the death industry (funeral homes, palliative care, death doulas/midwives, etc.), and so on.


Because of this great range in topics, no two Death Cafes are ever alike. And that is one of the big reasons many people return again and again. We are also seeing a lot of new faces each time around, which is wonderful. It shows that awareness about Death Cafes and comfort around talking about death in general is increasing. 


I find Death Cafes to always be very rich and interesting, and I always come away from them having learned something new and having made wonderful new connections in community. It is also important to note how life-affirming a Death Cafe is - conversations can get very lively, there are sometimes tears and always laughter, and there is a great energy in the room.


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Thank you to everyone who came out last Tuesday!



Karla Combres, Life-Cycle Celebrant

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