Death Cafe #1 @ the Atlanta Fulton Library

A write up of Death Cafe Atlanta

By Lisa Oliver

This was the first Death Cafe in SW Atlanta.  Our group of 6 consisted of 4 females (2@65+, 1@40's, 1@18) and 2 males (1@53, 1@23).  I gave the demographics of the group because this cross section of ages provided a lively discussion, plenty of stories and some thoughtful, insightful comments.

A lot of laughter too!

The cake provided a lot of laughter ~ can you believe I actually paid a bakery to make this cake :-)


I’m trying to find places for my wife to go. She lost both of her brothers to drugs. Just this past week she lost her second brother who was on life support for a week before the plug was pulled. I know my wife needs group therapy.

Posted by Melinda

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