Posted by Chelan

Hosted by Concie Luna & Vita Monteleone


May 15, 2019

Start time:

9:00 a.m. (Pacific)

End time:

10:30 a.m. (Pacific)


534 E. Trow Ave.


United States



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About this Death Cafe

The Chelan Senior Center in Chelan Washington is donating a wonderful space for this program to have life. We are enjoying the opportunity to talk with our community members and share their insights to what is important in their personal plans. Many of our guests have come to all the gatherings, some just for the coffee and cookies, others for more insight to what they have been dealing with and sharing what they have found out that others have been involved with. We have laughed and cried, told silly stories, asked poignant questions and just enjoyed meeting new community members and old friends. We are a judgement free zone with lots of understanding.

About Concie Luna & Vita Monteleone


Vita Monteleone, is the Executive Director for the Chelan Senior Center. Has always felt that we need to do our part in our death plans and in that spirit has taken care of her own - to the dismay of her two children. And I quote "don't you trust us" - response, "no". We have all been touched with the death of a loved one that was ill prepared. She personally did not want that to be the case for my children and grandchildren. She has been working and re-working her funeral for a while now and at this point (at least) has a plan, and it is paid in full. "I think the hardest part of my plan was hoping I would die at a ripe old age in my sleep. Hoping to have of my faculties until that day."


Concie Luna is one of our busiest community members. She brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and experience. And above all that she is one of the wackiest people we know. Who better to talk about death and the hereafter. When she brought this idea to us we knew it was the perfect opportunity to offer a safe place to talk about death.