Death Cafe Kyiv

Hosted by Vera Kravchenko, Lyubov Vorobyova


Dec. 15, 2018

Start time:

11:45 a.m. (UTC+02:00 )

End time:

2:30 p.m. (UTC+02:00 )





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About this Death Cafe

We feel very excited to have found this movement! Kyiv is an amazing place to live - it still smells very Soviet, but awareness is on the rise - we'd love to be a part of this process. And as gestalt therapists, we understand, agree with and share the principles of Death Cafe. Up to now - research about Death Cafe, preparation for holding one in our community has been a highly exciting and enlivening experience!

Vera is a fluent English speaker, and if she lives to see the day, she could hold Cafes in English in the future. :)   

About Vera Kravchenko, Lyubov Vorobyova

Vera Kravchenko - 33 year old gestalt therapist in training from Kyiv, Ukraine. My first degree is in French, English and foreign literature. Currently I am also teaching English and helping a senior therapist with his gestalt education project.
My father's sudden death and my mum's suicide thereafter transformed me in awesome ways. I believe that talking about death is beneficial to our physical, mental health and happiness.

Lyubov Vorobyova -   33 year old gestalt therapist in training from Kyiv, Ukraine. Stylist. I am raising a daughter. I am getting involved in a Death Cafe to be part of raising death awareness in our part of the world, and have a great curiosity for life. I come from a traditional family and acknowledge the lack of mortality vocabulary in our culture and society.   

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