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Hosted by faarooq mangera


Nov. 21, 2018

Start time:

5:45 p.m. (GMT+2)

End time:

7:15 p.m. (GMT+2)


O Chefe Portuguese Restaurant

Observatory Sports Club

59 Frederick Street




South Africa


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About this Death Cafe

I've been interested in the Death cafe concept and dea since I first saw something about it in 2011/2012.

I feel that in being able to talk about death and dying openly and authentically we are enabled more to live consciously and mindfully, both matter to me very much.

I saw four partners who were HIV+ from diagnosis to death. I am not HIV+. Between age 33 and 43 about 90 people in my sphere died, mainly of HIV, and that nudged me more into the area of talking about death and dying. It was immensely useful to beable to do this. It assisted in the living on after the deaths, for me and our friends too.

As yet I am not fully clear nor certain how I would like to see this Death cafe to run. It would have to be FULLY participatory, self-regulated and, initially, flexible as our participants will be coming from very diverse experiences and backgrounds and hold views on and about death which will be very different - culturally, religiously and morally. Sensitivity, respect, due consideration and regard will be key operating principles.

We will not have any sponsors per se as participants will pay for their beverages, food and/or cake. However, The O Chefe Portuguese Restaurant is making their space available to us and for which we are thankful.

About faarooq mangera

faarooq mangera is a viro,ogist, human nutritionist, non-allopathic healthcare practitioner. Has taught at secondary schools, worked extensively with NGOs on various advocay and develeopment programmes, in particular HIV programming, has been Director of NGOs in the LGBTIAHQ+ sector, amongst others.

Has his own consultancies in facilitation services and development programming, and also does coaching and counselling in wellness.

He has worked in rape crisis, death and dying work based on Elisabeth Kubler-Ross methodologies, and support work with and for geriatrics and their optimal care.

He is 63+ years on this Earth.

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