Hosted by Ruth Burgess, Liz Paterson, Dennis Gardener and Rachel Weiss


Nov. 9, 2018

Start time:

10:00 a.m. (GMT)

End time:

12:00 p.m. (GMT)


Queens Hotel Bar

Leonard Street



United Kingdom



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About this Death Cafe

The first Perth Death Cafe was in 2015, as a one-off event, not knowing how much interest there would be. Well, people were interested, so now we are announcing our 6th Death Cafe in Perth!

Join us for a thought-provoking conversation about death and dying in a welcoming environment. Meet interesting people with a similar interest, but maybe a different outlook!

In accordance with Death Cafe's principles as set out in the guide and terms, our Death Café will not have any information-giving or speakers. At a Death Cafe the discussion is always led by those who come along. Death Cafe is not leading people towards any product, conclusion or course of action.  We look forward to sharing stories, fears, insights and laughter.

Let us know if you’d like us to add your name to our mailing list to keep you informed of future events.

Come and join us at Perth’s Death Café: good company, good conversation, good cake!

About Ruth Burgess, Liz Paterson, Dennis Gardener and Rachel Weiss

Ruth Burgess: I am interested in resourcing people with words, who are planning their funerals, cremations and burials. Also in exploring what practical resources are available locally e.g Hiring coffins, natural burial sites, funeral celebrants etc.


Liz Paterson: I lived and worked for many years in Uganda, where life is much more precarious and attitude to death very different from here.  I am interested in how different life experiences shape our thinking.

Dennis GardenerI deal with people planning for their final future, as an Estate Planner, and help the family to stop arguments and comply with the deceased’s wishes. I have come across most things and am a good listener,  so I would like to help others in any and all aspects.

Rachel Weiss is a counsellor, coach and mediator at Rowan Consultancy (, whose aim is to help people Live Better.  "As I enter my 50s, I find myself interested in death and considering how best to live my life. I'd like to hear other people's thoughts and experiences around death, and how to live knowing we are going to die".  Rachel also helps run

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