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Ashland Death Cafe

Hosted by The Facilitation Team


March 7, 2018

Start time:

7:00 p.m. (PST)

End time:

9:00 p.m. (PST)

To be held at a private location

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About this Death Cafe

Ashland Death Cafe offers a creative way to explore how death can inform and inspire the way we live. 

About The Facilitation Team

Laurel Miller 

Laurel is passionate about working with people, young and old, around end-of-life topics.  She completed the Anam Cara Program at the Sacred Art of Living Center and is currently pursuing certification as a Spiritual Director.  She works with individuals and their families as they make their end-of-life choices.  She’s a member of the Southern Oregon Hevre Kadisha.  She leads workshops that support the participant’s desire to explore themselves and the mystery of life and death.  Also a seasoned mediator, an independent coach and facilitator, Laurel is dedicated to supporting individuals and the conversations that they need to have before they are no longer able. 


Selene Seltzer

Selene’s program Living Well with Serious Illness™ offers holistic, integrative support services, care and training to optimize one’s quality of life and sense of wellbeing. A Clinical Healthcare Chaplain specializing in Palliative and End of Life Care, Selene advocates for “whole person” care ~ mind, body and spirit ~ not just treating the disease. She encourages those wishing to live as well as they can, for as long as they can to be guided by the question “what matters most?” and to see death simply as part of and inseparable from the natural process of Life. Find more info at


Julian Spalding

Julian Spalding is a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant© with CYCLES OF LIFE,  conducting personalized ceremonies to mark life's milestones ( He  serves on AARP Oregon’s Diversity Advisory Council, sits on the board of Ashland at Home and is co-founder of Rogue Rainbow Elders. He is an enrolled member of the Osage tribe of Oklahoma. He lives in Talent with his husband Terry Brown. Julian publishes poetry at


Pat Fitzsimmons

Pat is currently the volunteer "on-call" chaplain for Asante Ashland Community Hospice and has served with the organization for the last seven years. He is ordained as an interfaith minister and spent 18 years living, working and teaching in intentional spiritual communities. Pat has continued his education here in Oregon completing four modules of the Richard Groves, Anam Cara training. Pat says: “I see myself as an ‘anam cara’, a soul friend and companion. I am ineffably drawn to abiding in the mystery of the moment with those in the dying process (and aren't we all)."


Jennifer Mathews

Jennifer is a writer, consultant and laughter yogini with a passion for uplifting the human spirit. After her life-partner died in 2011, she began sharing her experiences of death, grief, joy and optimism to support others on their journeys ( Jennifer works with the community outreach and training team for the award-winning film Death Makes Life Possible. She's been facilitating conversations about death and the afterlife in various communities around the country. Her home base is Mount Shasta, CA.


Michael Cecil

Michael was born 1935, a Canadian from British Columbia. Moved to Ashland 1998. An executive with a global non-profit organization for many years, is now retired. He has counseled many people during final life stages. He found that personal near-death experience brought many valuable insights. On staff with School of Lost Borders sessions on the Practice of Living and Dying, Michael has facilitated many workshops, including a series on Elderpresence and has been an energy healing practitioner for many years.


Judy Dolmatch

Judy is a licensed clinical social worker, practicing in Ashland since 1988, with a specialty in life passages and trauma recovery. She teaches and performs Playback Theatre, improvisational theatre based on audience stories. She facilitates Zegg Forum, a group process that values authenticity and aliveness. With the death of her mother last year, she immersed herself in a process of exploring end of life issues, loss and grief through literature, media and ritual. Judy attended her first Death Cafe this year. It was so meaningful that she was motivated to become a facilitator for the Ashland Death Cafe. 


Judith Milburn

Judith is a psycho-spiritual, Jungian oriented depth psychologist particularly concerned

with making peace with one’s inner depths and learning to love ones self unconditionally,

as the way to live fully and prepare for conscious dying. She says, “Death, has presented itself to me viewing my great grandmother lying in her casket in her darkened living room, hearing my grandfather before he died say he was hearing the angels sing, brushing my Mother’s hair moments after she had died, and sitting with my brother as he released his last breath.  I am a student of this Great Mystery."


Barbara Acquilino

Barbara is a licensed Clinical Social Worker who practiced holistic and integrative psychotherapy in Georgia for 28-years, specializing in trauma and inner Transformations. She also offered Hypnotherapy and Reiki for pain control and depth therapies.  After several amazing trips west and a yearning for more inner and outer spaciousness, Barbara and her husband moved to the Rogue Valley in 2014. She is honored and excited to be a new facilitator at Ashland Death Café.


Anya Kumara


As a chaplain, Anam Cara mentor, poet and artist, Anya has the ceremonial sensibility to create sacred space for the ailing, the dying and grieving ones by attuning to their essence rather than a diagnosis, story or  persona.  She honors all beings great and small embodying reverence, gratitude, good humor and a great trust in life, with a knowing that the universe makes no mistakes.   As a bridger of dimensions, she agrees with Rumi:  "Our death is our wedding with eternity."  She celebrates life with a deep understanding of love inside loss and gratitude for the delicate presence of Spirit.  



Eric Grace


Julie Freed

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