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Hosted by Else Werring and Katarina Zwilgmeyer


Nov. 18, 2013

Start time:

6:00 p.m. (GMT+1)

End time:

8:00 p.m. (GMT+1)


Pilestredet 81

0354 Oslo

0354 Oslo



Free entry. Donations are welcome but not necessary.

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About this Death Cafe

This will be the first Death Cafe to take place in Norway and we are very excited!

We will run it in a private home in central Oslo, and will serve home made soup and cake.(Plus tea, coffee and cold drinks)Maybe a little wine too.

We want 20 participants at a max, and ask everyone who wants to come to write us a personal e-mail explaining their motivation to join us.  Everyone present will have to sign a statement of confidentiality.  

Our website is about to be finished ( - and we are also active on facebook (Dødskafe), where we post about, and link  to articles in Norwegian (and international)media concerning different aspects of death - but the most popular posts on our facebook-page have turned out to be norwegian poems we find about death - people seem to love those! 

The press has started showing a little interest in us, and in a short while it seems we will be getting some coverage from norwegian media. But we are very concerned that if any journalists should want to join our cafes , they will have to treat everything they see and hear as confidential. 

We have started talking to people in our networks about them holding their own death cafes. We have translated Underwoods guide to holding your own deathcafe (and shortened it a little, referring to this site for the long version)- the guide will be on our website soon, and we will post about this on facebook to encourage people to arrange their own death cafes in other parts of Oslo/Norway. 

About Else Werring and Katarina Zwilgmeyer

Katarina (50 years old)is a social worker who has (among other things) worked with  HIV positives. She now works at a funeral home. She has always been interested in including death awareness in people´s lives. Katarina is also a ship engineer.

Else (35 years old) has two masters degrees in Philosophy and is also a philosophical practitioner (someone who does philosophiocal councelling). She volunteers as a grief councillor at a local charity organization and works with philosophy for children and in high school. 

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