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Cafe Tod Berlin / Death Cafe/Cafe Mortel

Hosted by Angela Craig- Fournes


Nov. 25, 2017

Start time:

3:00 p.m. (central european summer time)

End time:

6:00 p.m. (central european summer time)


Funeral Ladies

Hohenstaufenstr. 64

Berlin Schöneberg



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About this Death Cafe

We usually meet every third Saturday, 3-6 pm.This will be the last but special one this year with a small celebration of the MEXICAN DAY OF THE DEAD.  PLEASE BRING A FOTO of of the person you'd like to dedicated it to & THEIR FAVORITE FOOD & DRINK, which will be Shared wirth all.   

The way  Cafe Tod/death cafe in Berlin emerged is actually quite an amazing story!:Lidia and Nicolas Robertson from Lisabon, Portugal, gave us the impulse for "Cafe Mortel" (the original death cafe).  They had been in Berlin because of Lidia's cancer treatment, and since they had just held their first "Cafe Mortel" in Lisabon, wanted to bring this impulse to Berlin.  I found it to be a great idea and Bernd Bossmann, who runs Cafe Finovo, the first cafe in Germany that is located in a cemetry, found it to be the ideal place, so "Cafe Tod" was born: the exact German translation of death cafe, which doesn't sound as good as in English and a word Germans always try to avoid, but so is the taboo theme called by it's name! Lidia and Nicolas held the first death cafe on April 6th, 2013, and Bernard Crettaz, the founder of "Cafe Mortel", the second one on May 17th!..with a reporter of the local newspaper, der Tagesspielgel! Lidia and Nicolas returned to Portugal, where Lidia passed away on June 26th, 2013. But she obviously was pushing strong  from the other side of the path: The newspaper article finally appeared on June 27th (since apparently the theme was also not an easy one for the publishers!).  On the morning of June 28th Lidia's funeral service took place in Lisabon and in the afternoon the 3rd death cafe in Berlin with 50 people and the RBB t.v. evening show!. It was a very lively discussion and a lovely report was sent out on t.v..  Thank goodness only small groups come together since with intense, strength-giving conversations: such is life!


About Angela Craig- Fournes

My name is Angela Craig- Fournes. As an American I grew up in Mexico and experienced the  normal and lively relationship Mexicans have with their dead esp. with the Mexican Day of the Dead. Experienced the American way of dealing with death thru my father's passing away in the US: he was made to look so rosy that I couldn't believe he was dead! We moved to Germany, where then my mother crossed the threshhold and so experienced the way Germans deal with death in a much more natural manner. At 20 yrs I was a full orphan and went thru all the phases of mourning that are known today. Yet I noticed that my parents weren't gone but where around and helping a lot! Studied theology and after it was clear that I wouldn't walk that path once I got married, looked where I could carry on with this impulse and found my calling in the hospice work! There I had the impulse to become an independent undertaker and to not only accompany the dying and their dear ones till death but to their funerals and thereafter.  I try to encourage family members to do as much as possible themselves so that they can actively transform their mourning while doing the last deeds of love for their dear dead.  And in trying to help death become a natural part of life I have been holding  death cafes (Cafe Tod in German) since 2013 in Berlin, Germany, in which we also celebrate the Mexican Day of the Dead!

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