Atlanta Death Cafe EOL 101  ~ Lake Claire Community Land Trust

Hosted by Denise Johnson


July 14, 2024

Start time:

3:00 p.m. (EST)

End time:

4:30 p.m. (EST)


Lake Claire Community Land Trust

270 Arizona Avenue NE

Atlanta, Georgia


United States


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About this Death Cafe

Over the past three years, I have attended dozens of Death Cafes and I am always in awe of how the simple concept of coffee, cake, and conversation provides so much to so many.

I believe that talking about death and dying can reduce fear and suffering so I host these conversations, under the Death Cafe banner, to pay it forward.

About Denise Johnson

l'm an End of Life Doula, Community Death Educator and Hospice Volunteer tending to the needs of the dying and supporting their families/caregivers.

I had the profound good fortune of being Mom's caregiver for 11 years and experiencing her death through my love-tinted glasses as natural, sacred, graceful, gentle, inevitable, and her final rite of passage. 

Escorting my mom to the edge of the earth changed me on a cellular level and my relationship with, and understanding of, death and dying were completely transformed.

As a result, I am committed to amplifying constructive dialogues around death and dying. I believe that sharing knowledge, experience and resources can help combat the pervasive negativity and death illiteracy that is so prevalent in our society.

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