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Hosted by Kailey Sweeney


June 4, 2024

Start time:

10:00 a.m. (EST)

End time:

11:30 a.m. (EST)



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Gold Lion Community Cafe

1012 Hull St




United States



About this Death Cafe

This Death Cafe is a first at the Gold Lion Community Cafe. There will be special drinks and food items for this cafe. The Golden Lion Communitey Cafe supports many local events and they are particularly friendly to the REV LGBTQIA community. Please attend this morning cafe and talk about what you will pertaining to issues of death and dying, here there is no agenda, you are the agenda. I look forward to seeing you soon!

About Kailey Sweeney

Kailey was born male, yet always believed she should be female. She lived in fear of her

secret getting out, and she experienced self-loathing for decades. In spite of her

feelings, Kailey got married, started a family, and became the minister of a conservative


In June 2017, Kailey stopped breathing following a medical procedure. As medical staff

attempted to save her life, she had a life-transforming NDE. Kailey conceded herself to

death and eternal damnation. Instead, she experienced a beautiful vision of the afterlife.

God in female form met Kailey and said to her, “Fear not. You are not going to die, and I will not damn

you [to hell].” Kailey experienced God’s love for herself as she never had. Then God gave Kailey a

mission - to return to earth, live as a woman, and share the message of God’s love to the people

society rejects, particularly to the LGBT Community.

God told Kailey, “Teach them this: The Currency of Eternity is Love.” Kailey’s change was so

profound that God presented her with a new Life Contract, which Kailey agreed to and signed. The year

following her NDE, the once self-loathing minister legally changed her name to Kailey, which means,

“Keeper of the Keys” in Gaelic. She became legally female, living full-time as the woman she was born

to be.

Today, Kailey works as an End-of-Life Care Doula. She coaches on life transitions such as starting

a new business, gender change, and life’s ultimate transition, death itself. Also she is writing a script

for a stage play concerning her NDE and subsequent transition to a new gender.

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