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Death Cafe in Kerry in November 2023

Hosted by Aidan Gillespie


Nov. 11, 2023

Start time:

7:00 p.m. (Gmt)

End time:

8:30 p.m. (Gmt)



Co kerry






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We had an interesting Death Cafe on Sept 29th. Over coffee and cake:

We mentioned that it is important to speak about people who have died, but namely how a person lives. In fact it may be more important to say what that person loved rather than how they lived. What were their passions, family, music, cheese, being outside, scrutinizing a tree, scrutinizing a frost web on a gorse bush etc.
When we go to a funeral we are there to spread the load for the bereft and desolate person that is grieving. We speak of when a person died, often there are heaps of things that are left unsaid because people as a rule generally have several things that are shameful for them to admit. It is important to try to overcome. We spoke of how sorrow can swallow you and how we are not able to communicate properly. We sometimes do not understand our emotions or even know how we are feeling properly

We spoke of some of the thoughts in the recent Michael Harding book and the things that were left unsaid. It is important to tell someone that you love them and not skirt around the issue and talk about trivialities like "oh your painting was brilliant and the way you displayed that, etc

We spoke of appreciating things when aspects of our lives are difficult. There has to be a desire to live and to search for meaning. Generally those that have hope will live and those who has lost hope will struggle.

It's amazing how we get the feeling that someone has come into the world just for you. It's amazing the desire we have of another person can sustain us for decades, even in their absence. When we see a letter from them it's like as if they are still in the room. An unrestrained admiration rises again like a tornado
Almost a Kahlil Gibran idea in The Prophet where we have something precious, we're really just a care taker of it - we don't own it we just looking after it

The sharing of memories is so important and is so difficult when we have no one to share them with when our own family and friends have died.

Next cafe is on Saturday Nov 11th at 7pm.Love to have you here if you can make it. #deathcafe #annascaulcafe #deathcafeinkerry #kerrydeathcafe #annascaul

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Kevin Power who lectures on philosophy and writes an death regularly 


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