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Hosted by Sara Kovash & Jennifer O'Neal


Sept. 30, 2023

Start time:

1:00 p.m. (Cst)

End time:

3:00 p.m. (Cst)


210 James Garner Ave, Norman, OK 73069


United States


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About this Death Cafe

To break the stigma that surrounds the topic of death. 


Sara Kovash from Leaning In, Death Doula & Spiritual Advisor 




Jennifer O'Neal from Aging Transitions Doula Support 



About Sara Kovash & Jennifer O'Neal

Sara Kovash, Leaning In, Death Doula and Spiritual Advisor, a native Oklahoman, is an INELDA trained Death Doula and Spiritual Advisor as well as a local hospice volunteer. Sara leads guided meditations and workshops that are designed to bring people into the awareness that this life is fleeting and that by contemplating their own deaths, they are able to lead richer, fuller lives. That by embracing the hard work that is another's death and the processes that come with that, we will lead our own lives and deaths with less regrets, more integrity, and honor.






Jennifer O'Neal of Aging Transitions Doula Support, has a passion for health and wellness that has led her on a journey of self discovery as well as a path to help others as a yoga instructor and Thai Yoga Bodywork practitioner. She has also been a nurse for 20 years in the field of surgical services.


Recently, after helping a friend navigate their mom’s passing, she felt called to pursue a new way of helping patients and their loved ones by bringing education and understanding back to the natural transition from life to death from this world. Her hope is to restore comfort and peace to those going through these situations by reminding them that there are many choices surrounding death as well as life leading up to it. Through careful preparation, together we can head off many storms.  


As a facilitator and collaborator in the medical field, she is well versed in listening and in compassionately helping people walk through difficult times. These skills help her meet people where they are at without judgment, helping them walk through the end-of-life process in a comfortable, caring and loving environment. 


Aging and death can be a difficult process, but bringing dignity back to the dying process can also be an uplifting and loving experience for all involved.

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