Hosted by Sherry Gilles


June 18, 2013

Start time:

2:00 p.m. (CST)

End time:

3:30 p.m. (CST)


Stone House Farm




United States



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About this Death Cafe

Our pagan community has experienced many deaths this past year. Pagans are often likely to acknowledge the circle of life but still have trouble finding people to talk with about death and there are many who have not really given death and dying much thought. Hosting the conversations around death is important in order to support our community members and friends. 

About Sherry Gilles

Sherry Gilles has experienced much death in her personal life over the years and worked for fifteen years on a hospital clinical floor in Indiana. She often took care of the elderly and learned to advocate for those who could not speak for themselves by educating their families, and others, about the importance of discussing end of life options so that the dying person's wishes would be respected. She saw, over many years, how not choosing can lead to futile and painful interventions.

Raymond Anderson is a musicologist and historian who lives in Rantoul, IL.


Both Sherry and Raymond are pagan and believe strongly in service to others. 


About Sherry Gilles

Sherry Gilles is a retired RN who lives in Crete, IL. Sherry assists the Death Cafe Facebook page in finding appropriate content. She is learning to deal with blindness.