Death Cafe  in Kerry - Memory of how people lived

Hosted by Aidan Gillesoie

An Online Death Cafe

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Aido's Annascaul Cafe

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About this Death Cafe

We wish to run these sessions regularly so that they become part of the community 

About Aidan Gillesoie

Aidan Gillespie has a interest in this subject matterr and its importance in community well being.  He has been holding these cafes for the last two years where we usually get together in a Thursday evening


Kevin Power is an educator and works in academia. He has given courses in death related matters


Last session 

These were some of the aspects we spoke of in our June session.:


The positiveness of someone even when they were dying. Why do we worry about everything. We need to be positive about what we have done. We've done this, and we've done this, what we have done only makes us believe it will only get better.


So the purpose of these death  cafes is to learn about death before we die. To be conscious of our interconnections with others. We're all connected to something. What  I do today will affect someone else. 


We spoke about physical and mental things.  Physical is to do something,  I got up I did this. But Mental is just thinking, it's the thought of doing something. 




Storytelling -  We can use storytelling instead of just talking about death. We talk about someone that we know,  and how they lived what they experienced What kind of person they were and  what we learned from them


Where does the self go ? 


We spoke about John Moriarty and some of his thinkings in dreamtime.  We also spoke about Eihei Dōgen,. the secret trees of Ireland and Christine Zucchelli, the Rutledge companion philosophy of death and dying and the interest in mysticism. myth and the wandering Jew which is a melmoth idea.


Hope to see you at the next session

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July 27, 2023

Start time:

7:00 p.m. (Gmt)

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8:15 p.m. (Gmt)