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About this Death Cafe

Human beings are one of the only animals on this earth which contemplate and reflect on their own death.

“‘Everything is impermanent, even war. It will end some day.’ Knowing that, we could continue to work for peace.” Thicht Nan Han

I want to know what questions you have about all aspects of aging, sickness and death?  

What are you personal experiences on witnessing the suffering? 

What have you learned?

How has it changed you?

This is not a therapy session instead... an opportunity to reflect and discuss topics around death.

There are no answers but we will create a safe space to explore some of your own fears, thoughts and ideas around death.   

This session is especially for those who are simply curious and a courageous, perhaps deep thinkers, good listeners and are willing to be respectful and opened to different perspectives and ideas.


About Deborah Edwards

I am curious by nature and I earn living as a psychotherapist, international trainer, supervisor and speaker.  I love what I do, it's an honour and a privledge to work in the field of mental health. I love what I do and passionate about change.

I am currently based in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney in Australia.

I've studied a variety of different counselling and coaching modalities, including meditiations, hypnotherapy, continue to gain knowledge and experiences in Buddhism and Eastern traditions.

We all experience many different types of death and transitions throughout our lives. It takes courage to explore the difficult feelings and uncertainities of life.

My personal intention is to live well and hope that when the time comes, I'll have a good death.  I wonder what your intentions around life and death may be.

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Feb. 27, 2023

Start time:

6:00 p.m. (Australian Eastern Daylight Time)

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7:00 p.m. (Australian Eastern Daylight Time)