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Hosted by Judy, Francis & Emily


Nov. 3, 2022

Start time:

5:00 p.m. (GMT)

End time:

7:00 p.m. (GMT)

To be held at a private location

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About this Death Cafe

A Death Café is a small informal gathering of people who want to talk about death, for a whole variety of reasons.  We sit round tables in groups of around 6, with a facilitator at each table.  They are there to help the discussion start, to ensure that everyone gets a fair hearing  and that the discussion is sensitive and respectful. 

PLEASE email us to let us know you’re interested, so we can be prepared with enough chairs / tables / facilitators! 

We hold this Death Café because we believe that many people have worries about death that they don’t want to share with friends and family for fear of upsetting them.  Talking to others in a relaxed and informal setting can help.  It’s also helpful to hear different points of view and experiences.

If you are in extreme distress from a recent loss, it may be better for you to seek individual help, as the Death Café is not a therapy group and you are expected to listen to others supportively.  However, we accept that these discussions can raise difficult feelings, so be prepared for the fact that people may shed tears, that’s OK.  In fact, you may also find we have a good laugh too.

West London Death Café is supported by Hammersmith United Charities and Melon and Spud Productions, who have kindly donated funds for room rental.  Further donations are welcome.

About Judy, Francis & Emily

 Judy:  My mantra for life is ‘carpe diem’ and I believe in living life to the full and enjoying all that I am blessed with. I am an End of Life Doula, interested in supporting people who are at the end of life, as well as trying to normalise death and conversations around death within our communities. 

A terminal diagnosis can be very lonely for the person diagnosed and my role is to offer support when invited as a compassionate and empathic companion, as a listening ear and an advocate if necessary.  I can also support the family and those closest to my client should that be wished for.  I hope to enable people to have the chance to plan for a natural death in the surroundings of their choice.

Francis has worked for many years with the families and carers of people who are terminally ill.  He brings a wealth of practical experience as well as a sound grasp of the spiritual and cultural isses that can arise.

Emily: I worked with people facing terminal illness or long term disability for years. When I retired, I wanted to explore how to help people be more open about death and dying, becauseI believe we can make death less scary by facing it when it is not an imminent threat, so we can prepare and live life free of unspoken fears. 

The first meeting of West London Death Café was in Jan.2019. 

I am also training to be an End of Life Doula, to support people facing death with whatever  practical and emotional problems they might have.

Francis has worked for many years with carers  looking after a loved one who is dying.

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